Ross Gibb

(is alive)

This site contains some things important to me that I would rather not entrust to a domain I don't own.


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About & Contact

The best way to contact me is via email.


This email forwards to whatever email address I happen to be using at the time. If you have other contact details for me and I don't seem to be responding, try this email address.

What's with the look of the site?

There was an early port of the GNU programming tool set (gcc, et al.) to the x86 architecture called DJGPP, written by DJ Delorie. DJGPP is a beautifully designed programming environment. In circa 2014 when I was thinking of a design for this page flat design was all the rage, gradients having just been found to be totally un-hip. Of course I wanted to be at the cutting edge of computer user interface design, so I chose to produce an homage to DJGPP circa 1993. It seems computer user interface design, like fashion, is cyclical.

I would encourage any computer science students to check out DJGPP if you are inclined to want to experience what old people often refer to as the "good ol' days".


My resume/CV in PDF. I try and keep this up to date, but if it looks horribly old and you are interested in what I have been up to since I last updated it feel free to send me an email.

Ross Gibb Resume (PDF)
Capture the flag

I like participating in capture the flag competitions and here are some write-ups from some competitions I have participated in.

Anything marked with a '*' is a detailed write-up. Write-ups lacking a '*' are likely just pure solutions. Feel free to do whatever you want with code and information in the write-ups.

Defcon Quals 2016

heapfun4u *

CSAW Finals 2014

ish weissman



CSAW Finals 2013

Silk Street *

Most of this stuff is for my benefit so I don't forget it exists.

Project Gutenberg (Digitizing public domain books)

Abe Vigoda's mortality status page.